WAK Plastics is a sales and consulting firm, serving the Michigan plastics industry for over 35 years. The owner, Joe Fulsher, a plastics engineer with decades of experience, leads the rest of the WAK team. We blend experienced consultation with a leading edge product portfolio to develop solutions to manufacturing problems and opportunities. With this approach we are more than a walking catalogue to our customers and that is how we form long term relationships.

When You Need Us

The earlier the better. Finding innovative, practical and financially viable solutions are the main areas on which to focus when approaching problem solving or investigating new opportunities. The earlier WAK Plastics can be inserted into that process, the more helpful we can be exploring all the options. Our clients have become accustomed to treating us as a valuable asset in the decision making process.

Where We Are

Your project, your location. The WAK team is just as comfortable in the board room as we are on the plant floor. Who we meet with and where that meeting takes place will depend on the task or challenge. We are willing to take a project from the planning stage through the approval process, even getting involved in financing if necessary. Sometimes new technology is better seen than explained, in those situations “road trips” are frequently arraigned to other customers or to our principle manufacturers.

Why We do It

What’s the difference? We understand the challenges and pressures that face the Michigan plastics industry in today’s global economy. The huge financial consideration that defines almost every project is how to overcome the labor cost differential of foreign markets. WAK Plastics recognizes that this is at the top of everyone’s list and addresses every project with insight to improve efficiency and increase productivity. We are proud of all the equipment and machinery manufactures we represent, they are leaders in the industry because their products are on the forefront of technology and service, but always competitively priced.

How We Achieve It

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Our Product Offering

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