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Efficient heat transfer is absolutely essential in plastics manufacturing. WAK Plastics represents Advantage Engineering for several reasons, all equally important. Advantage Engineering increases the profitability of our customers by developing and manufacturing innovative industrial heat transfer products that are reliable, at very competitive prices. Advantage’s product lineup includes; water chillers, temperature control units and evaporative cooling towers. WAK Plastics and Advantage may also suggest custom designed equipment when needed. Together, we offer a valuable resource to support your product development.

Temptek, Inc. has revolutionized today’s market of low cost auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry. Their product philosophy is to provide you with economically affordable heat transfer equipment, built for round the clock operations, providing years of trouble–free service. Mold temperature controllers, central and portable chillers, cooling towers and pump stations are among the products offered. Temptek’s standardized production techniques, industry recognized reliable components, and mechanically simple designs, enable WAK Plastics to pass a savings on to the customer.

WAK Plastics’ partnership with HY Robotics provides our customers unique solutions with a full line of robotics systems. HY’s broad range robotics line–up enables us to offer precisely the right solution, even for specialized takes; from simple sprue and parts removal, to fully integrated factory automation for insert molding, de–gating and stacking. HY Robotics’ staff is fully trained and knowledgeable about plant automation and knows the value of productivity. Add to that the WAK Plastics’ edge of insuring their customers receive the best value for their investment and you have a winning combination.

Plastrac material blenders and loading systems synchronize in real time with plastics molding machines to provide an accurate and consistent material mixture with no mechanical mixing. The Auto–Disc material feeder, A WAK Plastics’ customer favorite, is engineered for quick material changeovers to reduce down time. Disc based metering allows Plastrac’s equipment to cost–effectively feed at a wide range of throughputs without compromising consistency. The Plastrac gravimetric and volumetric blending systems will also handle just about any injection or extrusion molding application.

WAK Plastics may not have considered representing a blow molding manufacturer had they not been approached by the best. Bekum. With over 45 years of experience in extrusion blow molding technology Bekum has become the market leader in this field. Built to a very high precision and the sort of quality you would expect from a German machine manufacturer. Small vials or huge automotive parts, WAK Plastic customers demand efficient production at an affordable price and Bekum delivers.

WAK Plastics has been offered the opportunity to represent many injection molding machine companies over the years, some better than others and some no longer around. TOYO provides a wide range of injection molding machines with Innovative technology applied to their all electric machines, both vertical and horizontal. What’s important to WAK Plastics and our customers? TOYO’s technology, reliability and service for sure, but their value is what stands out when compared to their competition.

Reiloy manufactures custom designed screws and wear resistant barrels. The right screw and barrel combination can make the difference between mediocre performance and high–profit productivity. At WAK Plastics, we always work with our customers to evaluate processing needs in order to recommend precisely the right design and components to optimize performance. Reiloy’s patented designs and commitment to excellence help our customers produce better products, more cost–effective processes and—higher profits. They also provide screw rebuilding and full–length relined barrels as well as injection unit upsizing and downsizing.

When deciding which granulator manufacturer to represent the WAK Plastic choice was easy, Rapid Granulators. Many other granulator manufacturers sought us out for representation but Rapid is the world leader, head and shoulders above their completion. The range of their product line is without parallel, from a small press–side sprue and runner granulator to massive central granulators capable of handling the largest of automotive parts. Rapid’s innovation, dependably, and value have made Rapid a WAK customer favorite for over 15 years.

RJG is the international leader in injection molding technology, training and resources. The RJG eDART System revolutionized the industry by providing standardized parts processing and advanced diagnostic tools. A full complement of related products: sensors, installation kits, software modules and more, make RJG an important supplier for companies looking to improve product quality and consistency. WAK Plastics and RJG is your first step towards optimizing your company’s performance and profitability.

WAK Plastics can help their customers identify problems as they occur in the production process being caused by metal contamination. Undetected metal particles that deposit in the screw and in the nozzles can be responsible for costly downtimes of the injection molding machines, as well as damage molds and turn finished parts into scrap. WAK Plastics has partnered with Sesotec, an international leader in metal contamination discovery and removal equipment. Sesotec’s extensive line–up of magnet detection equipment can eliminate any metal contamination problem regardless of throughput. The ROI for Sesotec detection systems makes this buying decision easy.

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